Career assessment for
Class 8 to 12, undergraduate &
post graduate students

Career is something we/our kids live with for the rest of our/their lives. Our 5 dimensional highly accurate career assessment gives you/your child the right career guidance at the right time

  • Career personality
  • Career values
  • Interest
  • Skill & Ability
  • Aptitude


Career assessment is in depth process to understand you/your child in totality and not just by IQ. It takes aprox. 2-3 hours for the complete understanding, evaluation & analysis to be able to draw upon the best suited career path.


Step – 1

Counselling session

One on one session with our experienced counsellors


Step – 2

Psychometric testing

Evaluation using Projective & Objective tests


Step – 3

Report Generation

Choosing right career clusters


Step – 4

Drawing Road Map

Analysing the report & charting Plan A – Plan B



Nirali is an excellent counsellor and deeply knowledgeable in her field. Highly recommend Nirali for all education related counselling, coaching related to screen time exposure and the dangers and sensitivities of the cyber world.

Parita Lalwani

She was bang on with her analytical skills and has this ability of making a person very comfortable. Thanks a lot Nirali for all the guidance and for helping me shape my career.


My experience with Nirali was very enriching and engaging. Her counseling and guidance has definitely given me some great perception in terms of ways to handle things better and live a better life ☺

Rozy Agarwal

Fashion Stylist & Image Designer
We had gone to Nirali Bhatia for career assessment test. Must admit she is the best counsellor I have met so far. Very friendly with kids also. Her assessment abilities are absolutely brilliant. I can vouch for her work without any doubt.
Thanks Nirali.

Rohan Shah

Parent to teenagers
Took my son for Career assessment. It was really fantastic , sincere opinions , thoughts , logical facts were shared, and interst shown , as if it’s your own family member, we sincerely thank and wish all success in life ji.

Jagdip Singh Thukral

Very good assessment, satisfied.

Jivika Hinduja