Explore this curated list of speaking engagements to gain insight into the breadth of my experience and the impactful discussions I’ve been a part of. Each event represents a unique opportunity to connect, inspire, and empower others, and I’m grateful for the chance to contribute to meaningful conversations across different platforms and audiences.

Digital CIO Excellence Awards 2023

In conversation with Dr Roy from Techsure Media sharing insights on the role of Cyber psychology in Cyber Security
22nd March 2024

Boom Live

Speaker at the the #decode event
21st November 2023

Annual Sumit Demystifying Cloud Security

Spoke on Role of Cyber Psychology in Ransomware Negotiations
14th December 2022

Pixel Tech Conclave – SAKEC

spoke on “Social media - a boon or bane?” - What’s your take ?
8th December 2022

CyberPeace Foundation

Privacy and Protection of Vulnerable Population Data
20th October 2022

Women in Cyber Security

Panel discussion on the roles, challenges, opportunities & need for Women in Cyber Security, organised by The Cyber Express
15th October 2022

IEEE India Council

Speaker at All India Students Young Professionals Women in Engineering Life Members Congress 2022 at COEP (College of Engineering, Pune). Organised by IEEE India Council and IEEE Pune Section
8th October 2022

The Annual Fraud Conference Asia Pacific 2022

I spoke on “Role of Cyberpsychology in fraud deterrence & investigation” . Organised by Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) & ACFE Singapore Chapter.
25 September 2022

Medical Students Association of India (MSAI India)

Conducted Session on Online Gender Based Violence for Medical Students at Cooper Hospital
5th June 2022

Accords International

Speaker at the Bootcamp. Spoke on Cyberbullying & Restorative Justice
22nd May 2022

Rotary Club “Elegance Juhu”

Spoke on Cyber Safety For Senior Ciitizens
25th April, 2022

Shah And Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College

Speaker at their annual event “#cybercolloquy”
13th April, 2022

Bombay Orthopedic Association

Speaker at WIROC GLOBAL, one of the largest events in the medical field.
25th March, 2022

SheLeadsTech by ISACA, Singapore

Spoke on Women in Cyber Security
4th March 2022

National Cyber Safety & Security Standards

Speaker at 15th edition of the Summit. Hosted by The National Cyber Safety & Security Standards at the Pondicherry University in association with the Ministry of Information Technology (MeitY)
4th Dec 2021

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk – Mondelze

Conducted 25 Cyber safety awareness workshops for 25 educational institutes iver a period of one month. Campaign launched on Friendship Day by Cadbury’s Dairy Milk
1st August To 31st August 2021

Lean in Hyderabad

Spoke on “Role of cyber security to help prevention of sexual harassment at WFH”
28th August, 2021

Gurgaon Police

Guest Speaker at Cyber Security Internship 2022, 2021, 2020

International Association of Scientist & Researchers (IASR)

Speaker & Jury Member at the 6th International eConference on Cyber & Digital Forensics
27th June, 2021

Tech Network Summit

Panel discussion on “Cyber Psychology role in Digital Marketing”
26th June, 2021

Building Safe and Inclusive Cyberspace for Women

Panel Discussion Hosted by CyberPeace CorpsT
31st March, 2021

Cyber Defense & Security conference

Spoke on “Effects of Digital Technology on Mental Health & Behaviour” at Cyber Defense & Security conference organized by Shri Vaishnav Vidyapeeth Vishwavidyalaya, Indore
18th March, 2021

Safe Mumbai and Gender Concerns: The Changing Face of Mental Health and Well-being

Moderated the panel discussion hosted by Mumbai First & Wilson College, Mumbai
11th February 2021

Nirveg, New Delhi

Exclusive Interview on “Decoding Cyber Psychology In India”
4th February 2021

Digital Mental Health of Adolescents

Invited speaker for Panel Discussion in a webinar organised by SHARP NGO, Delhi
28th November 2020

Campaign – Harassment of Women in Digital Space

Spoke on “Social and Psychological Interventions- Crime Rate Mapping and Therapy for Victims” at Amity University with support of National Commission for Women
22nd October 2020

Governance of Non-Personal Data

Invited speaker for a panel discussion for the Cyber Peace Foundation (CPF)
2nd August 2020

AB Bas campaign

In conversation with Sonakshi Sinha sharing insights on “Psychological impacts of online harassment”, hosted by Mission Josh
31st July 2020

YFLO Kolkata

Invited as a panel speaker by YFLO Kolkata and savemissinggirls.com discussing Cyber safety for children
1st July 2020

Cyberbullying – Where to draw the line?

In conversation with Anusha Mehra for “Draw the line Campaign” by On Spectra
22nd June 2020

Impact of Screen time on Children, Today and beyond

Invited to speak on a panel discussion for the Drishti Webinar Series, discussing the unavoidable outcome and importance of screen time on children
10th June 2020

Citizen’s Awakening

A Facebook Live discussion, addressing social media safety concerns and potential solutions for the same organised by Citizen’s Awakening
20th May 2020

Psychological Implications and Interventions in dealing with Cybercrime

In conversation with Avinash from Key Pundits
3rd May 2020

Special Baat with Lajja

Spoke on Cybercrimes against children
27th April 2020

Social Media Safety

Invited speaker by WESS NGO for a webinar on addressing vulnerabilities on social media during lockdown period due to Covid’19
3rd May 2020

Infosec Global

Speaker at Mind your Mental health Webinar
4th April 2020

Internet Safety Forum

Creating awareness at a theatre on #cyberbullying, #cyberharrassment and #Cybercrimes against women at New Excelsior A2Cinemas organised by Mukta Arts.
07th February 2020

SheLeadsTech by ISACA, Pune

Spoke on Women in Cyber Security
25th January 2020

The National Cyber Defence Conference 2019

Spoke on "Identification and Prevention of Insider Threats using Techno-Psycho assessment approach”. Organised by National Cyber Defence Research Centre (NCDRC)
2nd November 2019

ASIS International, Mumbai Chapter

Delivered a talk at an event on “Social Media Reality & Psychology”
19th July 2019

DCB Bank

Delivered a talk on “Psychological Implications of Social Media”
11th July 2019

National Seminar on Child Online Protection – by UNICEF

Spoke on “Cyber Porn & Gaming: Effects on Child Psychology” at UNICEF, Gujarat.
22nd – 23rd June 2019

United Nations (Women) Seminar on “Perpetration of Violence Against Women & Girls through abuse of technology”

Spoke on “Real life case studies on online harassment of women: Cyber bullies and Cyber criminals”
21st June 2019

Impact and Psychological Implications of Social Media

Delivered a talk at an event organised by CyberFrat
13th April 2019

Cyber Bullying and Youth

Invited as a speaker on the Panel at Social Conclave 2019 Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS)
8th March 2019

Virtual Reality or Real Surreality

Guest speaker for Panel Discussion at an event Media Mantra 2k19 by SNDT Womens Universty, Juhu Campus
2nd February 2019

Data Usage to Data Protection

Panel discussion at Chetana’s Institute of Management & Research during their annual event “ELIXIR 2018: Data reach or breach”
24th September 2018

Cyber Security in IOT Programme by K J Somaiya College of Engineering

Panel Discussion and a workshop on Internet Addiction & Cyber Criminology
5th July 2018

SECURISK 2018 by Bank of India

Invited as a Panelist
13th April 2018

Computer Society of India (CSI) – Mumbai Chapter

Invited as a Panelist at first ever Cyber Frauds, Investigations and Forensics Conference (Cyber FIF- C) organised by Computer Society of India (CSI) – Mumbai Chapter
11-12th January 2018

Campaign – #wefightcc

Panel discussion at Conference on CyberSecurity at Pune, organised by Pune Cyber Police
11th November 2017

The National Cyber Psychology Conference

Guest Speaker
20th January 2017

Effect of Digital Games on Human Brain

Talk at Computer Society of India (CSI), Mumbai
August 2016

The Cyber Psychology Seminar

Speaker at Institute of Behavioural Science, Gujarat Forensic Sciences University
February 2015